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Pro-Property in collaboration with NAMA (National Association of Managing Agents) successfully hosted a Sectional Title Scheme Workshop/Trustee training on Saturday 28 Feb 2009.    


The objective of the workshop was a practical orientation for trustees and a framework for applying their skills.  There are many disciplines involved in running a Sectional Title Scheme e.g. project management, horticulture, accounting, construction, and law.  

Course material: Training Manuals, developed by Graham Paddock B.A. LLB, were distributed to the participants.

Speakers: Dr Gerhard Jooste, Chairman of the National Association of Management Agents South Africa and Mr Nel (Curasure), an expert on preventative maintenance .  The course was well attended by trustees and owners of sectional title units.  

History of NAMA (Dr Jooste)

The principle of sectional title communal living can be traced back to ancient history.  It was introduced to South Africa in 1973 which made owning an apartment in a multi-level building possible. The Sectional Titles Act of 1971 was replaced by Act 95 of 1986.  The National Association of Managing Agents' mission is, among other things, to increase the efficiency of all Managing Agents that are members of NAMA.  NAMA was represented at the workshop by Mr M Deysel, its National Secretary.  

Sectional Titles Act: Dr  Jooste explained the basic concepts in the Sectional Titles Act, Act 95 of 1986. The following were, inter alia, discussed;  

  • Management Rules and Conduct Rules 
  • Exclusive use areas (registered and rule created) 
  • Common Property and Sections (Ceilings etc.) 
  • Extension of Sections (Masonite floors) 
  • Improvements (luxurious & non-luxurious) 
  • Meetings, quorums and requirements for resolutions 
  • Financial Management (Levies) 
  • Budget 
  • Trustees' Functions /  Powers (and limitations) 
  • Trustees' Responsibilities 
    • Manage the scheme & maintain common property 
    • Keep Minutes of meetings 
    • Keep proper books & records 
    • Prepare AGM Documents - Reports & Plans 
    • Insure buildings 
    • Determine Levies 
    • Keep record of rules 
    • Invest BC funds 
    • Carry out BC functions 


Mr Frederik Nel highlighted the obligation of trustees to maintain the common property. He explained the intricacies of maintenance and how to deal with maintenance, the importance of comprehensive inspection and audit of buildings, quality assurance during maintenance projects and negotiating of manufacturers backed guarantees.

He elaborated on the responsibility of the Body Corporate to ensure that they conform to the Health and Safety Act and other legislation when employing contractors.  

He emphasised on the medium and long term planning of maintenance or buildings.  


Dr Jooste highlighted the area; Who pays the excess? The Management Rule 29, dealing with insurance, has been amended by insertion of sub rule 29 (4). It reads as follows: 

The owner of a section is responsible for any excess payment in respect of his or her section payable in terms of a contract of insurance entered into by the body corporate: provided that owners may by special resolution determine that the body corporate is responsible for excess payment in respect of specified damage.

Mr N van Rensburg (Pro-Property)   thanked the speakers and participants for contributing to the workshop, NAMA and in particular Mr Martin Deysel,  the sponsors and Pro-Property's staff.  

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