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  • Pro-Property has the expertise and experience to guide and assist the Board to compile a meaningful budget, motivate it at the Annual General Meeting and meticulously monitor income and expenditure to ensure a sound financial position and cash flow.
  • Pro-Property's accountants and motivated personnel record business transactions throughout the financial year according to accepted international standards and in compliance with the SAIPA Code of Practice to full audit standard. more... 


  • In order to deliver the best service to our clients it is compulsory for Pro-Property's Portfolio Managers to obtain a Certificate in Management of Sectional Title Schemes -Paddocks/UCT and they are encouraged to further their education by attending advanced courses.
  • Our experienced and certified property managers and administrative staff can help you meet your goals while reducing management cost and saving you time and money.
  • We invest in the most up-to-date equipment, IT and systems in order to improve efficiency and to provide well presented and punctual reports, minutes, circulars through the most cost effective means of communication.
  • Pro-Property provides the platform for meaningful meetings, healthy debate and informed decisions and the administrative infrastructure to successfully implement resolutions. more... 


  • Payment of salaries and wages, issue pay-slips, PAYE, UIF, workman's compensation and regional service levies on the date and manner determined by the Board.
  • Provide service contracts in accordance with the current Labour Relations Act - advice, and if required, we will facilitate the services of a specialist in the field of mediation and arbitration. 


  • Pro-Property prefers to be involved in the initial development phases of schemes and developments ensuring that prospective owners are well informed and understand the legalities in order to eliminate unrealistic expectations. more...


  • Pro-Property concentrates on what we do best i.e Property Administration, however, we also endeavor to assist our clients where needed without compromising our main objectives. more..

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