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Mbombela - Property Rates & Levies 
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+ Who pays rates ?
+ Where do I pay rates ?
+ And the rate ?
+ Rates, rebates & exemptions ?
+ Sectional Title owners - pay more ?
+ How will this effect our levies ?

Mbombela Property Rates 2009/ 2010 Click to download

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Paddocks Sectional Title Survival Manual – Jan 2008 edition is available in English and Afrikaans, a must for trustees and owners of units in Sectional Title Schemes. Visit www.paddocks.co.za or contact Pro-Property for your copy.

Sectional Title Principles/Terms

Common Property / Section

Definition of sectional title common property

Section 1 of the Act contains the following definitions: 'common property', in relation to a scheme, means-

(a) the land included in the scheme;

(b) such parts of the building or buildings as are not included in a section; and

(c) land referred to in section 26.'undivided share in common property',

in relation to an owner, means

an undivided share of that owner in common property as determined in accordance with the quota of the section of which he is the owner and,

in relation to a section, means an undivided share in common property apportioned to that section in accordance with the quota of the section;


The area exclusively owned by the owner:

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