Pro-Property keeps up to date with the latest developments in the property world, tendencies in the market, changes in  legislation etc. We have experience in administration and management of commercial properties, retirement villages and residential complexes, country/golf estates, etc.

Pro-Property provide the following services at no cost to the developer:

  • Initial estimate budget and projected levy (based on actual estimated expenditures)
  • Assist with the establishment and amendment of the conduct rules.
  • Establish and update of the database of registered owners (in co-operation with conveyancer)
  • Assist in the interim management. Arrange insurance for the buildings and after registration. 
  • Open amounts with the local authorities and utility companies.
  • Arrange security, cleaning services, caretaking etc.
  • Facilitate the handover of common property to the Board. 
  • Advice on a wide range of issues e.g. the establishment of exclusive use areas (parking bays, storerooms etc.)
  • Provide owners with information regarding ownership & responsibility in Sectional Title Schemes or Freehold properties in gated communities.
  • Arrange, give notice and facilitate the inaugural meeting according to the relevant legislation:
    • Proxies
    • Quorum
    • Recording
    • Minutes

Pro-Property also assist in the marketing of the property in cooperation with any Estate Agents or marketing team suggested by the developer.

  • Exposure on our website.
  • Distribution of publicity material with monthly statements.
  • Introduction to associated investment consortia.
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